the bucket forge company


If you ever wanted to try your hand at the blacksmiths art ,this is the site for you !

I am offering two one day courses , using the “bucket forge”

( a cheap, easy to make forge that, if you desire, you could replicate and set up your own “smithy” with minimal cost, plans for the forge and work station are on the relevant pages of this site )

Course one will be to make a fire steel and cover all aspects of forging the steel and then using it in conjunction with a flint to start a fire.

Course two will be to make a basic knife , the metallurgy and heat treatment as well as fitting a simple handle.

Each course will be tailored to meet your needs, the knife making course is one to one tuition at a cost of £150 for the day,

the fire steel course will be £75 for halfday.

This is the sister site to to my other site which has more information about myself , my work  and other courses I run in primitive blacksmithing,

Damascus steel and Mokume Gane.

Mark Constable FWCB


with simple tooling

its primitive metalwork

primal awakening

good value one day blacksmithing and bladesmithing courses